Sunday, 28 February 2010

Singletini By Amanda Trimble

There is one word to describe this book HILARIOUS! I give this book a 4/5 because it has everything you want in a book your awwww :) moments your awwww! :( moments, your yeyeyeyey moments your so cringe worthy you can't read on, but you know you must moments and your plane what the HELL moments!

Meet Victoria Heart. Chicago's new leading wingwomen! well secret wing women her friend Kimmie already thinks Chicago wingwomen are a bunch of Hookers. Vic Heart is a sassy, splendid and single and that's the ways she wants it to stay! But her world comes crashing down when her friend Gywen is getting married, soon followed by Julia moving to New-York, pregnant and you guessed right getting Married, her dreams of the singletini's been united forever is soon becoming a distant memory,.. but she has still got Kimmie to relay on hasn't she? and her new boyfriend Patrick?

It's a must read only if to get a good giggle from it, Long Live The Singletini's!

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