Saturday, 6 March 2010

The 'boy' Series by Meg Cabot

There are three books in the 'boy' Series, The Boy Next door, Boy Meets Girl and Every Boys got one. I'd rate the series 3/5 but I'd rate the first book 4/5.

The Guy next door is so funny, interesting and thrilling, it's a good read because it's set in emails so sometimes you'd see an email and not have a clue what there talking about, but as you read on it explains it. Although this gets annoying at times it keeps you going. As you go onto the other two books it tells you a whole different story, with two different people, but the characters from the one/ones before crop up in conversation, and when you read the last one you see how they are all connected, this part is really to important to the plot but is really cool just to work out.

I am not going to tell you the charecters or the plot because it would take too long and would get boring explaining who everyone is, but i will tell you know don't trust the real nephew in The boy next door!

It's a must read!!!


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