Friday, 19 February 2010

Shopaholic Series By Sophie Kinsella

Well I give the hole Shopaholic series a 5/5 because ultimately they are the funniest and most romantic books I have ever read! I have read this series round about 10 times at the least and never get bored of it because there always some funny joke that keeps you going, definitely the bra trick at the toddlers party!

I love this book it tells the story of Rebecca Bloomwood a shopaholic, who advise people how to control there spending problems! - oh the irony. She falls in love with Luke successful business man. It tells the story of there relationship and has you griped by the begging! It is one of those reads where you no there going to do something so cringe worthy and you stop out of embarrassment for her, but you must, must read on and are able to laugh for half an hour. Honestly you fall in love with Becky as soon as you start reading she is such a loveable character!

Please, Please Read it your life is not complete until you read it! If you have any good book suggestion please tell me I always need a good read! I am on reading Singletini I can already tell I am going to write a great review for it!!!!

don't forget to read A day in A's shoes !


  1. I loved the first couple of books, but after that, I felt that it was the same story over and over again. Should I give it a second try? I love the movie as well.

  2. oh yes you should definitely read shopaholic and baby!! oh a shopaholic and sister is good the first two are very similar oh and you have you read the 3rd one shopaholic ties the know I am sorry but the way Luke proposes is just beautiful!!! , but the last two i actually think are the best!!!

  3. by the way you should reallly read the rachel hawthorne books there so funny and sweet!!!

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